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Dennis Curtin's journal of natural events in and around Marblehead, Massachusetts

Wednesday, May 12, 2004
Salem Woods
I took a long walk through Salem Woods last weekend and much is happening. Baneberry and Marsh Marigold is in blossom and Pink Lady Slippers are getting very close.

Pink Ladyslippers with flower buds out

Baneberry blossoms

Marsh Marigold

Star-flowered false solomon's seal

Star-flowered false solomon's seal grows in large patches

Blueberry blossoms well along

First appearance of cinquefoil

Early saxifrage patch

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Friday, May 07, 2004
Salem Woods
Lots is happening in Salem Woods with plants such as Marsh Marigolds, Cinquefoil, and Baneberry in blossom. The problem has been wind and bright sun, not my favorite photo weather. I'll see if things get better over the weekend, and post then, but to pay you off for this visit, here's a photo of a visitor that came home with me. To photograph him I put him in the refrigerator for an hour too slow him down.

Dog tick

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Tuesday, May 04, 2004
Around and About
On Sunday I took some photos along The Path, in the Forest River, and some (the turtle and snake) on the way to Topsfield.

Leggs Hill from across the Forest River

Egret in the Forest River

Squirrel-corn along The Path in Wyman Woods, a close relative of Dutchman's Breeches


First celandine of the year

Sweet white violet

Painted lady butterfly

Painted turtle seen crossing the road

Northern water snake (four feet long at least), along the road

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Salem Woods
A Saturday morning walk through Salem woods turned up a few new things such as columbine in bloom everywhere, pink lady slippers pushing up through the leaf litter, poison ivy leaves emerging, jack-in-the-pulpit in all it's glory, and blueberries starting to blossom. There were also some old friends that I photographed from new angles, showing them against a backdrop of the forest where they live.



Poison ivy leaves coming out

Pink lady slipper emerging from forest floor

Blueberries starting to blossom

Early Saxifrage


Wood anemone

Baneberry very early

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