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Dennis Curtin's journal of natural events in and around Marblehead, Massachusetts

Sunday, August 20, 2006
Manchester-Essex Woods
The weather has been beautiful the past week and Saturday was a great day for a walk in the woods.

This looks to me like coralroot, way past it's use by date.

Some mushroom pictures.

Indian pipe tinged in pink.

Blue curls.

A beaver dam in the woods.

Rattlesnake plantain.

A colorful fungi.

Marsh skullcap, a small wetlands flower.

A monarch egg on the bottom of a leaf. Over the past month I have taken thousands of monarch life-cycle photos and will be posting them soon.

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Manchester-Essex Woods
The second catch-up post showing photos taken on August 6.

Evening Primrose by the Pine Street entrance.

A monarch larvae on milkweed along Pine Street near the entrance.

Black trumpet.

This is all that showed, the head peeking through the leaf litter. I was amazed that I noticed.

Rattlesnake plantain.

Rattlesnake plantain.

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Manchester-Essex Woods
I've been in Manchester-Essex Woods every week but have been too busy to post the photos. Today is a rainy Sunday, a great time to get caught up.

Poison ivy climbs a tree off the boardwalk.

Shining sumac.

Green wood orchid off the Ancient Trail.

The only green wood orchid plant in sight.

Asiatic dayflower grows near the parking lot.

Horned bladderwort in Cedar Swamp. This is a carviverous plant.

A wood frog very close up.

Jack-in-the-pulpit berries that will soon turn red.


A bullfrog in the pond.

A swallowtail butterfly.

A purple mushroom.

Rattlesnake plantain, an orchid.

Rattlesnake plantain.

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