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A ShortCourse Book
Photoshop Elements 3.0-The Organizer

Photoshop Elements 3.0—The Organizer

Photoshop Elements 3.0-The Organizer

Published in two parts-The Editor and The Organizer. This book on the Organizer has been published separately because it works with Photoshop as well as with Elements so should be of great interest to Photoshop users. (Click the Previous Page button to see the book on the Editor.) This guide is available as a traditional 96 page large-format (8.5 by 11) spiral bound book printed in black and white, and as a full-color, fully searchable PDF eBook you can order on a CD.



Photoshop Elements is a wonderful program, at an amazingly low price. Based on Photoshop-the acknowledged leader among existing photo-editing programs-Elements, like an acorn, hasn't fallen far from the tree. It has inherited both power and complexity. Our goal in this book is to present an introduction to Photoshop Elements that helps you master those aspects of the program most useful to digital photographers. From this single perspective, the program becomes a great deal easier to master because you follow a direct route through the program. Detours along the many back roads of the program are for another book.

Because Photoshop Elements 3.0 is really two programs bonded together this book is published in two parts. This book, on the Organizer part should appeal to most users, including photographers using other photo-editing programs such as Photoshop. (The first part on the Editor is described on the previous page.)

The Organizer is an extremely well-done program that catalogs all of the photos (as well as video and audio files) already on your computer, and those you transfer to it in the future. It makes it easy to browse through these images or organize them in ways that make them instantly accessible. No longer will you have to remember where your images are on your system, or even try to recall what images you have. The Organizer puts them at your fingertips. It even keeps your original image and every edited version of it together in what it calls a version stack. This prevents the original image from being overwritten and you can instantly see it and all versions of it. The Organizer is so useful it should be your starting point for every photo and every project because it will track your photos and other media files through their entire life-cycle from the time you transfer them from your camera to when you archive them on CD/DVD discs-and even then it knows where they are. It will even tell you which items you have shared, and you'll find that sharing has been made much easier because of the way the Organizer helps you print,e-mail, and burn your photos to CD/DVDs, send them to mobile phones, post them on Web sites including your own gallery, and organize them into slide shows with background music. It even has a wizard that guides you step-bystep when creating photo greeting cards, postcards, calendars, and photo book and album pages.

Click here for PDF Samples from The Organizer


Chapter 1
Getting Started & Getting Photos ...6

The Organizer—A Powerful Asset Manager ...7
Starting and Quitting the Program ...8
Learning Photoshop Elements ...10
The Organizer—An Introduction ...11
Basic Commands ...12
Getting Items—Where it All Begins ...14

Chapter 2
Viewing & Editing Your Images ...22

The Photo Browser—An Introduction ...23
Managing the Photo Browser Display ...24
Managing Your Photos ...25
Getting Information About Items ...28
Reviewing and Comparing Photos ...30
Viewing Video Clips ...32
Using the Photo Browser's Timeline ...33
Using Date View ...34
Editing Photos ...37
Stacking Photos ...40
Using Version Sets ...42
Annotating Items ...44

Chapter 3
Organizing & Finding Photos ...46

Organizing Items with Tags ...47
Creating and Managing Tags ...50
Organizing Tags ...52
Finding Tagged Items ...55
Organizing Items into Collections ...57
Organizing Collections ...59
Managing Collections ...60
Finding Items—The Find and View Menus ...62

Chapter 4
Sharing Your Photos...63

Printing Photos ...64
E-Mailing Items Using a Supported E-Mail Client ...67
E-mailing Items Manually ...70
Burning Items to a CD/DVD ...71
Sharing Items with Other Devices ...73
Creations—Slide Shows ...75
Creations—Web Photo Gallery ...80
Creations—The Creations Wizard ...83

Chapter 5
Managing the Organizer ...87

Setting Preferences ...88
Managing Catalogs ...91
Backing up Your Catalog ...92
Reconnecting Missing Files ...95

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