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What Our Readers are Saying

What Our Readers are Saying

We're proud of the work we do and are pleased that others learn from and enjoy our work. Check out what our readers have said about Short Course books. And then send us your own comments!
  • The book that you wish came with the camera. (David)
  • I love your books and your Website! (Valerie)
  • Your short courses are terrific! (Carol)
  • Your book has been great. I am going through each page with my camera and it's been instructing like a charm. (Jim)
  • I have already ordered and received both the book and ebook on disk and have been reading it with pleasure. I think I ordered it the same day it came up on the web site..., great book..., (Charlie)
  • Thank you! Your books are very useful. This is the second one I've purchased and I'm very pleased with the content and the layout for an easy read. Much appreciated. (Lou)
  • I bought the Coolpix 5700 book a few years ago, and found it to be a perfect introduction to the camera. I have just purchased a D80 and expect the new book to be invaluable to me while learning the new, more complex hardware. (Rick Keener)
  • I have enjoyed your Short Courses books on Nikon D995, and D70. Just purchased a Nikon D80 and am interested in knowing when you will have a book available, and prices. Thanks (B. Harris)
  • Got the new book and CD-Rom. Very well done! thank you sir. What a pleasure to have clear, concise explanations readily available! (Jefferson)
  • Please let me know when this is available. I have my order in for the D80 and hope to be able to pick it up in a week or so when I get to the US. I'm also interested in the short course on wildflowers. Your short course books on the Nikon 5700 and Olympus C700 were a must to lug around with us wherever we went on our world travels. Thanks (M. Zaslow)
  • Your guidebook and disk were one of the best things I have ever bought. The manual is the most difficult to read and understand that I have ever seen. I was despairing until I got your teaching aides. Now, I am a happy camper. Your section on two very confusing topics for an amateur - shutter and aperturesettings - was great. Thanks (Shirley Clark)
  • I don't know what your level of expertise is, but just published their manual for the Canon S3IS. I've been impatiently waiting for it since I got my camera. It is terrific! I was able to produce near professional photography with my Olympus with the use of their Olympus 3040 manual. It beats the heck out of the user manual that comes with the camera. Unless you are a very advanced photographer, it would be more than worth the price! (Valerie Allridge)
  • I have to say...I'm impressed. I did a search for on-line photography courses and after looking at courses that didn't anywhere near fit my budget, somehow I stumbled on your web page and the "Photo Course." I just opened it tonight and haven't looked at more than 20 pages or so, just clicking around randomly. It's totally awesome (I know, that makes me sound like some teeny-bopper, but really I'm not!)!! Great job on the CD itself....and Peggy is a peach. I'm one of the holdouts for online ordering...some stuff is ok, but I really do prefer to talk to a live person and connect. She made the connection a pleasure! (Shelly Hewitt)
  • I must tell you that I have endorsed for a few years. I started with the course for the Sony F-707. Just today I promised to loan a copy to our local photography shop. I am attaching a photograph I took with the 707 two years ago in South Africa. A friend insisted I send it in to National Geographic Society. It earned a 2d prize. I no longer have any humility. Again, you have my gratitude. Be well. (William Bathurst)
  • I've been impatiently waiting for you to finish this book! I have your book for the D70 and it really helped me figure out all the capabilities of my camera. Your book was a lot more useful than the owner's manual and the other D70 book I purchased at a bookstore. Your book was arranged sensibly and was easy to read and understand. I was especially struggling with the different focusing modes. which I also need help with on the D200. I've ordered my book..and I'm still impatiently waiting, lol. (Mary Hamilton)
  • Dennis, Thanks for the note and I will be placing an order. Prior to getting the D200 I had a D100 and then the D70. I have the short course book for both of these cameras and I find them to be the best overall guide for these often complex cameras. That said I will be happy to give you a note back after getting the D200 version. (Tom)
  • Thanks Denny. I just ordered the book and CD. After I get into it, I will be happy to give you feedback. I have your book on the Nikon D70 and really like it. (Bob)
  • Thanks for the information. I already placed an order. I am new to photography and found your material better than anything else on the market. (Terry)
  • Thank you very much for the heads-up and I've successfully placed my order. Once I've reviewed the book (which will be after 17 July, because we're departing on vacation) I'll be delighted to tell you what I think of it. However, if it's written like the short courses manuals for the Nikons Coolpix 5700 and D70S I know I'll be satisfied.
  • Thanks very much for the follow-up. I just ordered the combo package. After using your d100 book several years ago, I am sure to be very happy with this one. If only Nikon would get smart and package your info with the camera instead of their horrible little manual. we'd all be better off! Thanks Again (Brian)
  • I purchased your short course on the Sony 707 when I bought the camera 4 years ago. It was invaluable to me for learning not only how to use the camera but for learning the basics of photography. I just recently upgraded to the new Sony R1 and went to your site to see if you have a course on it but was disappointed to find that it wasn't available. You have one guaranteed customer for it if you do :-) Thank you very much (Gary Minish)
  • This is my 2nd purchase! I also have the C2020 book and love it. (Daniel Huffman)
  • Please send me an email when the Canon S3 IS book is available. I bought your Olympus C-2100 Ultra Zoom Photography years ago and it was one of the best purchases I made for the camera! Looking forward to the new book as I just received the camera for an early Mother's Day. (Terri K. Smith)
  • Thanks for this... THESE ARE GREAT COURSES. So far, the one I'm using in my classroom is WONDERFUL.
  • Thanks again for making this so affordable and so comprehensive!!! You do AWESOME work and I'm so grateful for it. Thanks also for not having any nude photos in the books as examples. I know many think of these as art and they are beautiful, but I teach at a private school with parents who would object to that and it would keep me from using the text. So far, what I've seen is perfectly acceptible - in the books and on the website. Thank you!!!! (Diana Ralph)
  • I truly enjoyed the book and found it very useful and clear. I am looking forward to your next book Displaying and sharing. Thank you (Wendy)
  • I love Canon EOS Digital Rebel short course book. (Barbara)
  • I just purchased your books on Photoshop Elements 2.0 and the Digital Rebel. I have learned more in one day from the Photoshop book than I have in a year from the Adobe manual. Their manual in a good "instruction" book but has no sequential flow. Yours is what I needed to go from the basics to more advanced. Likewise, I could never see a logical sequence in the Rebel manual. Again, you book is a great "here's how to really use it guide. (Bob)
  • Great Job on your Canon Digital Rebel Book - - So Far Its VERY INTUITIVE (as I HATE Searching) for Answers that I Need NOW! (Scott)
  • I would like to mention that the G3 guide rates among the best "How To" manuals I have ever read; a very well prepared and thorough guide that was worth every penny! Please convey my thanks to Mr. Dennis Curtin. (Tom)
  • We have your book and it is wonderful. Thanks (Tom)
  • A few months ago I purchased A short course for canon Eos 10D photography and it was great. (Martin)
  • Please let me know when the 5050 Olympus book is ready. I will be sending to a friend. I have a 3040 and am still using the Short Course book for reminders as I have had my camera for 2 years now. I also have your great table top book and find it works just as well. (Heinz)
  • Hi just to let you know this book has arrived in the UK and how pleased I am with it. I've read about a 1/3 of the book so far and learned masses about the camera. In the old days, manufacturers used to supply books like this with their products so that you learned how to use it! - Now they supply a small book that tells you how to turn it on - The rest is guess work! I agree with one of your opening paragraphs, suggesting how much happier consumers are with the products - if they are told how to use them! - I suggest that you send this text to Nikon and get them to supply a copy of your book with their cameras! Thanks once again. (A happy customer!) (Kevin)
  • I received my ShortCourse order in the mail this morning, and all I have to say is ....."wow"!! I've been carrying camera's around for 30 years, and like most people, never understood anything about them. Technical talk about f/stops and shutter speeds, caused me to break out in a cold sweat. After sitting down with this ShortCourse book (Sony DSC-F707) for a few hours, I understand more about how my camera works, than sitting with the manual for almost a year. But, more importantly, I understand more about photography than ever before. Finally I'll be able to use this camera for the purpose intended. Thank you for your clear, informative, and friendly course. It was/is worth every cent. I'll recommend it to everyone. (Ray)
  • Just a note to say Thank You for the book and CD which have just arrived. I am really pleased - they are beautifully produced and just what I wanted to assist me with my Nikon D100. (Tony)
  • I received the G3 Short Course book today with great pleasure. It's great. (Dave)
  • Last year I bought "A Short Course in Canon PowerShot G1" from you for my Canon G1. I really liked it. Today I upgraded to a new G3 and notice that you have an upcoming book for it. Please let me know as soon as it is possible to order it. (Normand)
  • Parcel received today thank you, postage was quicker than our internal service most impressed. Information in the books looks great. (Margaret)
  • Hello Dennis -- I purchased your Short Course in Canon PowerShot G2 Photography and have now purchased a D60. I felt the G2 book was my best source of information and it really accelerated the learning curve for me. (David)
  • I have already bought your Digital Desktop Studio Photography ebook in CD and really like it. The emphasis on low cost lighting solutions has already saved me far more than the modest cost of your ebook. I look forward to ordering more of your work as it becomes available. (Ted)
  • I have just had the opportunity to read your book "Canon Powershot G2 Photography" and was totally impressed. (Doreen)
  • I just want to tell you that I ordered your Olympus E-20 book and am loving it. I just ordered your Nikon Coolpix 995 book for a friend. The books are great and I've been doing photography for a number of years. Hats off to the authors! (Judi)
  • What can you, the new and admittedly inexperienced digital camera owner do to improve your skills regarding this high-tech piece of equipment? Look online for a book called "A Short Course in Digital Photography," by Dennis P. Curtin. It's an incredible book, and I suspect Dennis prints them himself, one by one, as it came in a spiral bound format. He has editions that are specifically written for individual camera models. The one on my Canon D30 is a bible for me. Trust me on this one, really. (Publisher Journal: What I hate Most About Digital Cameras,
  • I read and reread your book on the Olympus C-3030 and enjoyed it very much and learned a great deal!!!! (David)
  • I know there are other D100 books out there but I liked your Coolpix 990 book so much I decided to wait for your D100 book. When I get it I'll have to share my rave with the people that frequent the DPR message board. Thanks again. (Rob)
  • I thought I would drop you a line and see how close you to releasing the book on the D 100. I already have the camera and I love it and it has not been as difficult to operate as I first thought it might be, but having a good understanding of what things are and how they operate helps and your book I got from you for the Olympus C4040 got me well ahead of the game. So please let me know when the one for the D100 is ready for purchase so I cad get it hot off the press. (George)
  • I bought your short course book for my Coolpix 990. Great book! I was wondering if you have one for the D100- my new camera. Thx. (Rob)
  • I loved my Olympus C-2100UZ Short Course. I recently gave it (and my C-2100UZ ) to a good friend when I got my D100. I mentioned that the camera was just a simple add-on to the real gift--the Short Course book. Now my friend is reveling in a new photographic arena, made possible by the fine coupling of photographic technique and operation of fine photographic equipment found in your books. It's remarkable to see the impact this simple book has made. (Stephen)
  • I just received my short courses book on the Nikon Coolpix 5700........ The book is everything I hoped for and more!! If you ever need an unbiased endorsement of your fine product, don't hesitate to add my name to the list of happy users.. Thanks for your quick and courteous attention. (Charles)
  • I just received my book on the Olympus C-2100 and think that it is very good. (ken)
  • I ordered this publication (Canon 110) from you on Friday and it arrived here in England yesterday. I read it last night and am writing now to say thank you (a) for shipping it so promptly; and (b) for producing such an excellent publication in the first place. I think your web site is a sheer joy. (Laurence)
  • I have been wanting to write you for a while to tell you how fantastic your book is on the Olympus C 4040 It gave me a complete under standing of not only the use of my camera, but also a very good under standing of the fundamentals of photography. I have been taking pictures for years and it was either hit or miss, but now since I got my digital camera and your fantastic book the pictures I take come out amazing and you have helped create a picture taking monster and now I am going to go a step further and get a NIKON D100 and I will be purchasing your book to go with it. I think the thing I like the best about your book is that you put it in terms that the non expert like me can understand what you are saying and then you give picture examples which really helps. You have opened my eyes to a whole new world of photography and it has been. (George)
  • I recently purchased the book DSC-F707. To start with I LOVE your book. It has given me a huge lift after looking at what Sony sends for instructions with the camera. (Norman)
  • I just received the E-20 shortcourse. I had no expectation of what to expect. I am writing to indicate my pleasure at finding what seems like a serious, approachable and well executed manual that is exactly what I had hoped for. Thank you (Donald)
  • First off, I want to say that I love your site! I appreciate all the great information available. A while back I bought your Short Course book on the Powershot S10/S20 and I thought it was really helpful. (Matt)
  • I really enjoyed reading your short course on digital photography. Thanks for making it available. You write beautifully -- clearly and succinctly. (Barbara)
  • I just received your short course book on the Coolpix 995. You have done a marvelous job at simplifying, organizing, and illustrating how to use this camera. I can't tell you how many times I resourced the manual that came with the camera only to come away more confused then anything else. In one weekend I have learned enough to really believe- "I can do this picture taking stuff" -no problemo. Thanks for everything. (Duncan)
  • Just got your "Short Courses" book for my Oly c2040z... exactly what I was looking for, thanks! (Jon)
  • Just got my CoolPix 5000 handbook yesterday, thanks! Happy to have such a great resource! (Paul)
  • Hi all. Received my copy of Short Courses Olympus C-2100UZ. So far it looks like what I hoped it would tell me about Digital Photography. I have the next 2 days all to myself so I will be immersed in this book. Thanks forgetting it out to me so fast. (Don)
  • Dennis....I'm sure you have already received praise for your E-10 book,however here is one more. Within the first few minutes I was able to discover some of the features of the E-10 that were hidden in the original manual. I'm a manual reader, but finding the necessary information and applying it to real life use is not the easiest task when using the Olympus manual. My only regret is waiting so long (I've owned the E-10 for six months) to purchase your book. (Wally)
  • Excellent service Peggy!!!! Got the book today. Just started to read it tonight and it looks great. It is a great compliment to the manual supplied with the camera. Your printing and binding is excellent. Put me down as an enthusiastic "Two thumbs up" Excellent!!!!!!!!!!! (Keith)
  • I now own an Olympus C-2000. Your "A short course" book on this camera became an essential tool in using this camera. I now have a serious problem, I am considering the purchase of the C-4040. When will you come out with a book on this camera ? Keep up the good work . (David)
  • I purchased your book for my Coolpix 950 when I got my camera over 2 years ago. I gave my camera to my 12 year old son for Christmas, along with your book. Your book worked wonders for both myself and now my son. Thanks to you, my son is shooting manual photos for the first time in his life. (Steve)
  • Hi There, I got your book a couple years ago with my Coolpix 950. Since then I have really emerged and taken on weddings, corporate events, hung two shows and am working with the county on another one- I got a lot out of your book and have had a great time with the Coolpix. But just before New Year's, I bought an E20n and now want a book about it. (D)
  • Hi, Just bought my Coolpix 5000 - great -but please let me know when your book is out on that model, and I'll buy it. I recently bought your Coolpix 995 book & it's excellent! Waiting to hear when it's ready, many thanks. (Joe)
  • I definitely want the Nikon Coolpix 5000 book when it is done. I have learned volumes from the Nikon Coolpix 900 book which I got from you. Please notify me as soon as the new book is ready-Soon I hope. (Frances)
  • I feel like I have to write to you and let you know how much I appreciate your book—A Short Course in Nikon Coolpix 995 Photography. I am an avid Black & White photographer (amateur) and only just received my new 995 for Christmas. All of the concepts you outlined and described in your book I fully understood prior to getting the camera (and book), but if I weren't adept (some would say "somewhat" adept) at photography, I believe I would have no trouble understanding each topic you discuss. I think the book is that good! The format you chose for the layout is excellent. I like the way you title the subject, briefly (but in just the right amount of detail) describe the topic, then explain the machinations required to perform the function on the camera. (Steve)
  • Hi Dennis. I borrowed a copy of your Coolpix 950 and want one for myself. Where can I buy or get one? (Richard)
  • Will you be publishing a short course on the new Olympus D-40Z? I just purchased one earlier this week and would love to have your guide as a resource. I really enjoyed your short course guide for my old Olympus 2020. (Greg)
  • I would like to compliment you on your short course book on the Nikon 880. I must wonder why Nikon does not have you do their manuals. The ones supplied with the camera is done in ringlish without regard to the logic of the building blocks of learning. Your book is as valuable as the camera itself, without either neither would be useful. (Sanford)
  • By the way, I am finding your book on "A Short Course in Nikon Coolpix 990 Photography" to be a great help in using my Nikon Coolpix 990. Many thanks for that too. (Wordsworth)
  • Hi Peggy, yesterday I saw the young man who sold me the Nikon 990. I told him of the problem I had and asked if he knew that to do. He had no idea. I opened the Short Course to page 100 and let him read it. He took my camera and followed the instructions and was amazed. He called the Camera Sales crew together and after a short talk it was decided that each of them would buy the Short Course for their favorite digital camera. They would study all of them and become the best sales people in the city. There are over 200 stores in their chain. I like it too. (John)
  • A purchase of the Short Courses Guide to the Oly 2100 was my introduction to your fine material. Now some 15,000+ pictures later, I still think it is a great resource. I recommend your books frequently. Kudos on your fine material! (Mark)
  • I use your book "A Short Course in Nikon Coolpix 950 Photography" like a bible! Thanks for all the great info. It has really helped me put my camera to great use. (Marilyn)
  • I have been reading your 880 short course book and just wanted to tell you I'm really enjoying it. I'm definitely taking better pictures by following some of your suggestions. (Gareth)
  • Hi Denny, I just got my copy of Nikon 995 Short Courses. It's really great! (Mark)
  • The Book Canon S300 arrived Monday and I couldn't be more pleased. It is well written and a great aid in the use of my new camera. Thanks again. (Richard)
  • Peggy, I thought I would write to let you know the book arrived on Saturday. I'm already halfway through it. What a nice job Dennis did in writing it. I am a novice photographer, with the Nikon 995 being only my second digital camera. I like the way the book instructs basic photography including how to use my specific camera to produce the desired images. Thanks. (Mark)
  • I am about half way through the Nikon 995 Shortcourse. It is extremely useful and very well written. As someone who teaches for a living, I appreciate good teaching by others. Please convey to Mr. Curtin my appreciation and admiration for his work. (GF)
  • I purchased an Olympus C-3040 about a week before embarking on a 24 day trip to China. I only took a few shots before leaving the country, read your book on the airplane, and had good success shooting over 600 pictures while there--your book provided an excellent overall presentation of how to use the various camera features to capture anything from simple to complex/ troublesome images. (Phil)
  • Your short course is GREAT. Thanks for your help, and keep up the great work. (Jim)
  • Your book is terrific - I'm recommending your books to everyone I know with digi-cams. (Tom)
  • Hi Dennis, I just got my Short Course with CD, and it is GREAT!!! (Karl)
  • I have just finished giving a serious read to your book on photography. Another fine book in all respects. (Dennis)
  • Thank you very much for the book and e-book "Olympus Camedia C3040 Zoom Photography". I received it by mail yesterday and I am very happy with it. I don't know how many customers you have from The Netherlands but I will recommend your service to anyone I know with a camera. (Thiemen)
  • I am an advanced amateur and I am finding this book the most helpful single edition I have ever picked up. It is direct to the point and give little practice snippets to help the reader become familiar with each new feature of the E-10. (Norm)
  • I purchased and read your exceptional short course manual for the Olympus E-10. It is probably the best book on basic photography I've ever seen, as well as being excellent in giving the particulars for my new E-10. Thanks very much for your time and effort in creating the book. The biggest problem I've found with most photographic books is that they seem to be written for people who already understand what the book is talking about. Your short course for the E-10 was a very refreshing change. Your writing style was clear and concise, and cleared up several areas I'd long been confused about. (Len)
  • A Great book with a lot of useful information. Thanks again! (Ron)
  • I have found Dennis Curtin's e-book "A Short Course in Using Your Digital Camera" to very insightful and helpful. I have been into traditional photography for over twenty years and have ventured into the digital arena within the past year. I have won several national contests and have been published several times. I must admit that the e-book has and will continue to sharpen my skills with knowledgeable and useful information. I am seriously considering purchasing the short course e-book on the Nikon Coolpix 990. No matter what level your skills are, there is something to learn with Dennis Curtin's e-book. (Sonny)
  • Help! Dennis, I need your CP995 book! When O' when will it be available? Please finish it up so those of us who have learned to love your teaching can get a boost with the new Nikon camera. Not that I'm not getting good pictures, but there are ever so many more nuances I'd love your perspective on. Your book on the CP950 was a real ACE for me. Poured over it while traveling in Turkey last year and it really made the difference in my getting some terrific shots. Thanks for the great job reporting how how to get superior results in digital photography. The book on the CP995, PLEASE! (Jefferson)
  • I have over 20 years experience with 35mm & Medium Format, and I now have a Coolpix 880. Short Course is a cross between a Magic Lantern Guide and Photography 101, exclusively geared towards getting the shot with the 880 (in this case). I've used my 880 for six months taking good photos and in the first twenty minutes reading the book I averaged one new tip every other page. This is great and well worth the money, and for Photoshop users the Histogram section for the 880 is almost worth the $22 alone. (Edward)
  • I'm very happy that I purchased your book about the 2100. It is very clear and extremely helpful. (Stanley)
  • Took delivery of your book and must say I'm impressed. It compliments and expands the camera manual and clarifies many ambiguities within it. Plus I don't need a magnifier to read it ! (Chris)
  • Hi, Dennis. I am the happy owner of your shortcourses books for the Olympus E-10, Nikon CoolPix 880, and Canon G1. They're Great. (Mike)
  • Dear Dennis, I am amazed about the clarity of the information presented in your book compared with a pretty good manual from Canon themselves. (Bob)
  • Thank you very much for the Nikon Coolpix 950 short course book that I received about 3 days ago. It is the best book that I have read on photography in all my years of trying to get a grip on the subject. I love photography as a means of capturing the beauty of the world that we have been gifted with. Yet my photographs do much less justice to this than I deserve - despite reading book upon book on the subject - and going through about 8 still cameras, 1 Super8 and 1 video camera. I have recorded a lot of memories over time, but very little with gut level satisfaction. Your book is the only one that I have read that is precise, simple to read, clear and methodical. I am able to grasp the mechanics of the camera so much better now. (Rosy)
  • For what it's worth, the book is fantastic on information. With all the downloaded data I have collected on the Oly C-2100, Mr. D.P Curtin outshined them all with his details. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. (Rupert)
  • Dennis, I just purchased your "A Short Course in Olympus C-2100 Ultra Zoom Photography" and it's another winner! (Ray)
  • Book arrived today! Great service!!!! And the book is what I was led to believe, except - more! Thanks (Gordon)
  • I have seen quite a few sites and publications on digital photography and they either go into too much detail thus putting off the beginner with all the detail they have to remember or they are full of glossy photos and very little else. You have got it just right. (Paul)
  • Love your beginner's books. (George)
  • I recently purchased A Short Course in Olympus C-3030 Zoom Photography. It really has saved my nerves and decreased my level of frustration. The book that came with the camera is not the easiest to follow. Your book was simple and easy to follow. I am still learning how to use the camera, but have mastered some functions. (unsigned)
  • This is an outstanding site by Dennis Curtin that offers three terrific on line references. They are "Short Courses" in 1) Digital Photography, 2) Choosing a Digital Camera, and 3) Using Your Digital Camera. The course in Choosing a camera is a hundred times better than anything I've written fact it was very hard to write my own article instead of just excerpting Dennis's work. I did everything I could to convey my experience and thought process, but I recommend highly that you look at what he's put together. Simply put, if you like anything here, you're going to love what he has to say. He also publishes for sale a series of camera manuals intended to be better than what the manufacturers provide. Suffice it to say, I've purchased two of Dennis's manuals one for each of the two digital camera models we have in the house. (From Lou Pastura's article in the March/April issue of the Washington Apple Pi Journal).
  • Please reserve a copy for me. In the past I have purchased two books from you and found them very helpful. (Ray)
  • Dennis: I just received your Short Course. It is great. Thanks for putting it together. (William)
  • It really looks great. Fantastic layout, easy to follow, good TOC, great chapter summary on the back page, nice tips and pictures. (Erica)
  • Thanks so much for your email about your book. I bought it and looked at it last night and want to thank you for the assist with the camera, along with a refresher on photography, in general. I'm most impressed with the camera and appreciate your assisting me in accomplishing more with the camera. (Chuck)
  • I have purchased the Canon PowerShot S20 Photography from you and it is a wonderful help in understanding that particular camera. (Judith)
  • Hello I'm writing you to ask if you have or will have in the near future a Short Course book for the new Olympus E-10 Digital camera. I have one for the C-2500L that I got from you and learned much more from it than from the packaged manual that came with the camera. Thanks (Ken)
  • I have studied about half of your book and I can not begin to tell you how impressed I am with it. I have actually been looking for something like this for years. This is truly a photography course and not just another book on photography. Most important to me is that I understand what's printed in the book. All to often a person with my background picks up a book that makes all kinds of promises only to find out that you have be almost a professional to understand what the author is talking about. (Paul)
  • Just a short note to say thanks for writing the D30 shortcourse. Very informative and well worth the money. ...Once again, thanks for an excellent job. (John)
  • I'm a digicam beginner, and am working my way through Dennis Curtin's book. A great help. 105 pages of good info and tips. (Dick)
  • Dennis, I frequently refer to the guide I purchased from you. It's much easier reading than the owners manual, and in some cases is more thorough. And, it has pictures. I like books with pictures . Efforts like yours and Wayne Fulton's "A Few Scanning Tips" booklet prove to me there's lots of good, talented people out there willing to go that extra mile to help those of us new to the digital world. (Bill E.)
  • Thank you very much for your fast service. I received the book this afternoon,and it is exactly what I wanted. Sincerely (Ellis)
  • I recently purchased your book. I have found it to be very useful. The technical information on the fundamentals of cameras and photography were known to me previously but the many tips and suggestions for the use of the camera have proven to be extremely valuable. (Sidney)
  • Just finished reading the book. Excellent. Well worth the money. (Leslie)
  • This is just a hobby, and I becoming obsessed with it. My 1st tip is for you to purchase Dennis Curtin's book, its the best $22 you'll ever spend, His book will teach you everything you need to know to take great photos. It answers all the questions Nikon doesn't. (Rex)
  • I have had a quick look through the book, as a person who has purchased a number of photographic books (for 35mm photography) over the years I rate this book as one of the most informative and lucid that I have purchased. It presents information in an easily understood format and in the section on "What is a digital Photograph" the 'Jelly Bean Spirit of 76' comparison to explain pixels is a stroke of genius! I look forward to seeing new publications appearing on the web site. (Harry)
  • Dennis, Just thought you might like to know. I am enjoying your book. Keep up the good work. (Bill)
  • Hi Dennis, Thanks for the GREAT book. (Roger)
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