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Continuous Photography

The speed at which you can capture images in continuous mode is specified in frames per second (fps). This is usually between 3-5 fps.
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Single and continuous mode icons.
With digital cameras, you normally take one photo at a time, but you're not limited to that way of shooting. You can also capture sequences of photos. In this continuous mode, you just hold down the shutter button and images are captured one after another until you release it. You can then choose the best image from the sequence or use all of them to create animations on your computer. The number you can capture is usually limited by the size of the camera's buffer. In some cases, the camera uses a smaller image size to capture sequences. This reduces the processing and storage time so you can take images at a faster rate.

Photo-editing programs often let you convert a series of images into an animated GIF. When posted on the Web, the images are quickly displayed one after the other like frames in a movie.

Continuous mode can capture a series of images much like movie frames. You can select the best one for printing, use them all to created an animation, or use the series to analyze an action such as the swing of a golf club or baseball bat.

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